COCOS: Constraints, Concurrency and Security
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Towards a Declarative Approach for Security Analysis

The project COCOS (Constrains and Concurrency in Security) aims at advancing both the theory and tools of Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) for analyzing and programming security protocols. Our motivation arises from the strong resemblance between modern process calculi for Security and CCP and the great variety of reasoning techniques and tools for CCP, which may lead to novel strategies for protocol analysis.

This is the official web site of COCOS, project funded by the Department of Science and Engineering of Computing (CIC) of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana at Cali. COCOS is also a joint international effort between the AVISPA Research Group and the Laboratoire d`Informatique (LIX) of the École Polytechnique.

Looking for an undergraduate thesis? AVISPA and COCOS are always looking for enthusiastic students. Contact us.


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